Other Metal Products

Other Metal Products

Designed and manufactured to order by Bren Steel.

We would be delighted to quote you on our bespoke products and designs, of which here are just a sample.   ASK - and we will make it!

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We have been asked to manufacture many things over the years.   Here are just 3:


Recessed Manhole Covers for patio paving

Recessed Manhole Covers

Supplied to Landscapers and Pavers nationwide.

These recessed manhole covers allow to pave around a shore or a manhole when you are laying a patio.   The tiles are placed inside the lid and cut to size to match surrounding slabs.   It provides easy access to the manhole or shore when needed.   Two lifting keys can be provided to simply slot in and lift for access.   We manufacture these in various sizes and can also deliver.   We are a leading manufacturer of these in Ireland and can supply bulk quantities if required.  

Metal Christmas Tree Stands

Metal Christmas Tree Stands

Designed for real trees.

Our main Christmas tree stand is made of steel bar and has a spike on it that you hammer into the cut end of the trunk of the tree.   These are reusable as you can twist it out of the trunk after Christmas.   You will find these in most garden centres as most stock our stands, and will put the stand on if you ask.   We can also make heavy duty Christmas tree stands for larger trees for the likes of hotels and town squares etc.   For these public trees we can also supply barrier rails.   Contact us for your requirements and we would be delighted to help.

Steel Metal Window Bars

Metal Window Bars and Security Grilles

Secure your building against crime.

Unfortunately this product is being needed more and more.   In fact most insurance companies will not even insure your building if you don't have these.   After a site visit for measurements etc., we will design window bars and grills to size, and give you the option of plain or decorative.   A sad fact is that we usually end up installing these for customers after the fact when a burglary has already been committed, so prevention is the best policy.   Call us today.

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