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James Brennan of Bren Steel is a highly skilled metal worker, and is well known for his high quality metal gates, railings, steel doors & stable doors with installations nationwide.

The company provide a full metal fabrication service, and along with a mobile welding service, can provide on site machinery repairs including farming and construction.   We invite you to browse our residential and commercial products and services, and hope you will allow us the opportunity of quoting you for your next project.

How can we help you today?

Trained, Qualified and Equipped for Manufacturing, Engineering and Fabrication - including...

Our most popular products:

  • Steel Gates, Electric Gates and Manual
  • Metal Railings, Functional and Decorative
  • Steel Doors, Security Doors
  • Stable Doors and Farm Products
  • Recessed Manhole Covers
  • Metal Christmas Tree Stands
  • Structural Steel. RSJ 
  • Pedestrian Handrails
  • Shore Covers
  • Whatever you need?

Popular Services:

  • On site existing gate repairs
  • Construction equipment metal repairs
  • Farm equipment metal repairs
  • Metal Worker Contract Work
  • Security Fence Repairs
  • All types of welding
  • Metal Maintenance
  • Galvanising, Powder Coating, Hot Dipped Metal
  • Sandblasting
  • Spray Painting

Mobile Welding Service:

  • Onsite Mobile Welding 
  • Farm Vehicle and Trailer Welding
  • Farm Shed Repair
  • Stainless Welding
  • Aluminium Welding
  • Building Site Repairs
  • Fence Panel Gap Repairs
  • Truck Body Repairs


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